Getting maximum value and reliability from your power system is not only dependent on operation and maintenance. Circular Solutions can help you optimize your existing system and plan for the future.

Project Delivery

Circular Solutions' project delivery specialists have a reputation for getting the job done in the toughest environments. Our delivery model is flexible allowing us to tailor the approach to suit your needs.


Financing a power project in a remote location is sometimes tricky. Circular Solutions can help you through the process of finding funding. We can also provide a finance solutions if required.

Local Participation

Stakeholder engagement is critical in the success of remote power projects. The local people will not only be using and paying for the power, they are also likely to have other touch points:

  • The generation or distribution system may be on their land
  • They will see or hear the generator every day
  • Some are likely to be involved in operations and maintenance
  • They will almost definitely notice if the lights go out!

Understanding the real needs of a community during the planning process and involving them in development of the power system leads to time and money saving during project implementation. It is also essential to achieve engagement over the life cycle of the asset.

Indigenous Opportunity

When working in remote Australia, Circular Solutions' philosophy of local participation aligns well with the Australian government Indigenous Procurement Policy. We involve local indigenous people in the construction and commissioning so they build a sense of ownership in the projects, are ready for operation and maintenance and are skilled for future projects.

Working with our partner BY Group a Supply Nation accredited company we can ensure our indigenous participants are well supported.

Next Steps...

Perhaps you know exactly what you want and just need some technical support, or you know you have a problem but need help with the next steps. Get in touch today and we can help you get the best outcome for all your stakeholders.