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Our Philosophy

Circular Solutions was created to implement the philosophy of a circular economy in remote power system projects, because we believe that:

  • Everyone deserves access to affordable, clean and efficient power;
  • Introducing renewable energy into a remote power networks introduces new technical challenges that require bespoke solutions;
  • Engaging the local community in the full project lifecycle optimises the project value to all stakeholders; and
  • Remote power system operators often require innovative delivery and financing models.

Our Approach

Our approach to projects emphasises:

  • Early effective stakeholder engagement – understand the real need;
  • A bespoke, best for project approach – flexible business model to suit the need;
  • Engagement of local people and resources – optimum value in remote projects is only realised with effective community engagement;
  • A full lifecycle offering – we can help our clients from idea to decommissioning;
  • Technology agnostic – we offer technology that suits the specific need; and
  • World class standards of design and implementation – why settle for less?
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Who is Circular?

Circular Solutions was established in 2016 in response to the emerging interest from owners and operators of remote power systems in renewable generation and distributed energy solutions.

We are a boutique, full service contractor with a focus on optimum value full life cycle solutions. Our services include:

  • Idea development including strategic planning, regulatory advice and design;
  • Project delivery either as project manager for the owner, as a turnkey contract or as a fully financed solution.

Our team are specialists in:

  • Strategic and regulatory consulting for power systems:
  • Concept design and specification of micro-grid and island power systems; and
  • Project delivery in remote locations.

These skills, essential for remote power solutions, are often absent from the offering of solar installers or equipment suppliers.

Alliance Model

All remote power systems have different needs, the optimum value solution will be specific to the site. Circular Solutions operates using an alliance model to provide the best value most technologically current solution for our clients. Our core consulting, design and project delivery specialists work with our clients to define an optimum solution. Circular then alliances with the best of breed contractors and suppliers to deliver the solution. This model means we can provide the best solutions at the best value and ensure they are delivered on time and to spec.

Our alliance approach also allows us to maximise use of local resources and involve the client in the delivery to the degree that they are comfortable with. We understand project risk and can help clients to maximize the project value within their risk tolerance

Next Steps...

Perhaps you know exactly what you want and just need some technical support, or you know you have a problem but need help with the next steps. Get in touch today and we can help you get the best outcome for all your stakeholders.